Pet Insurance

What it protects against
The financial consequences of obtaining health care for dogs, cats and other pets.

How it works
After you pay an annual deductible or a per-incident deductible, the insurer will reimbuse you for a percentage of medical bills, usually around 80%, up to an annual cap. Pet insurance covers accident and illness, even cancer. The insurer will likely check into your pet's health history before issuing a policy. Most insurance allows you to use any accredited veterinarian.

Who needs it
Pet owners who want to avoid denying treatment to their animals because of financial concerns.

Who may not need it
Anyone affluent enough to self-insure.

When to buy it
Since pet policies are individually underwritten, they are best bought when the animal is young or has no health problems.

How you pay for it
Periodic premiums.

Terms to Know
  • Congenital and Hereditary Disorders  (View Definition )
  • Pre-Existing Condition  (View Definition )