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Other Life Events
Life is expensive.

Whether you're getting married, wondering how to save money for your children's college education, or even wanting to protect the thousands of dollars you've plunked down on your all-inclusive vacation, insurance is available to help protect your investment.

Weddings are an important milestone—and an expensive proposition. With the average cost of weddings and receptions approaching $30,000, you stand to lose more than a broken heart if the wedding has to be postponed or canceled due to a death in the family, a hurricane or vendor failing to come through. Wedding Insurance can help protect your financial investment.

If you have children, saving for their future college is something to start today. With private colleges averaging close to $30,000 a year for tuition and room and board, and public schools costing about $12,000, a 529 College Savings Plan can help your savings grow.

And every year, people spend thousands of dollars to go on vacation. But what if you have to cancel your trip because of a major illness? What if you fall ill in another country, and need to be airlifted home? Travel Insurance can help protect your financial investments, and help you get back home in an emergency.